Levy-Sergio Mutemba

Four days ago, during the end-of-the-year dinner organized by the National Institute of Statistics, the Instituto Nacional de Estatística (INE), in Maputo, its chairman, Rosário Fernandes stressed the main challenges facing the institution in 2018. These challenges are essentially concentrated in the area of production and dissemination of statistical data.

Rosário Fernandes, for instance, highlighted the need for a “stronger discipline in budget implementation”, citing a more “rigorous control of spending and provision of services”. He also called for the “key role” that institutions such as the National Audit Office (Gabinete da Auditoria), the Legal Office and the Managing Entities or Units for the Execution of Acquisitions (Unidades Gestoras Executoras de Acquisições, “UGEAs”) can play in achieving those governance-related objectives.

INE’s chairman also reminded the strong achievements of the statistical institute in 2017, which published 150 economic statistics reports, going as far into details as to report, for instance, the exact number of administrative posts. INE also setup a Statistical Information and Dissemination Center and invested substantial amounts of money in human capital.

Rosário Fernandes equally insisted on the completion of the 4th Census of Population and Housing, whose final results will be known to the public in June of the current year. INE’s chairman describes the Census as “the most important statistical operation” so far in Mozambique. On December 29th, the preliminary results of the 4th Census were published on INE’s website.

Here are a few charts edited from the preliminary Census. Click on picture to see full size.


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